Perfect 10 is currently being submitted to film festivals!

Principal photography wrapped on August 24th, 2009 and the first cut of the film was completed on September 21st. Getting to that first edit was an extraordinary process; needless to say, our editor didn’t have much free time. We have since sent it through peer review, restructured parts of the film, shortened it, color graded it, sweetened the audio, added our score and even re-shot some scenes! Phew!

The script was officially completed on February 27th, 2009, after eight months of writing and incorporating feedback from colleagues and the public reading. Of course, even with a solid screenplay, we continued to tinker as our wonderful actors brought the characters to life.

It is one of our greatest joys as writer-directors to see an actor transform an otherwise two-dimensional, text-on-a-page figment of our imagination into an actual human being. There is a distinct shift between an actor reciting lines you’ve written and a character truly speaking and interacting with the world.

We were also very fortunate in that this is a truly independent film. Lack of resources forced us to shoot lean, which in turn necessitated having an extraordinarily long pre-production and rehearsal process. We had to have everything ready to go before we even turned on a camera! Most films don’t get a week of rehearsal, let alone three and a half months. So while our budget is smaller than we’d like, we prefer to think of it as an opportunity to more perfectly hone our craft, be more prepared and better filmmakers.

Principal photography began on August 9th in Cheney, WA. The production then moved to Seattle on August 16th for the remainder of the shoot.

There is an old adage that says a film is made three times: once when its written, once when its shot and a third time when it is edited. We began to make Perfect 10 a third time — the post-production process — the day shooting stopped. Again we were blessed, as our editorial collaborators, sound designer and composer had all been involved since the beginning — a rare but wonderful thing.

See you on the festival circuit in 2010!