Lindy Boustedt

Lindy has been producing film in Seattle for the past five years. Her love for movies started as a young musician studying the work of famous film composers. Lindy’s artistic talent and keen business savvy came together at Eastern Washington University – where she met her muse and husband Kris.

Together Lindy and Kris started First Sight Productions through which they create promotional and fundraising videos for corporations and non-profits in addition to making films. Lindy and Kris’ short film, Collect All Four (in which Lindy also starred), premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival to a sold-out crowd.

Perfect 10, a semi-autobiographical tale, marks her first feature screenplay and directorial effort.

Kris Boustedt

Kris has been experimenting and working with digital video since 1998. Recipient of the prestigious Edmund J. Yarwood Dean’s Honor Student Award, Kris formally studied film at Eastern Washington University, graduating both magna cum laude and with University Honors distinction.

He is an award-winning director, editor and screenwriter and has had his work broadcast internationally.

As an Apple Certified Trainer, Kris has spent the last few years teaching post-production technologies at film festivals and throughout the Northwest. He currently teaches all aspects of film at Shoreline Community College. Perfect 10 is his first feature.

Susannah Lowber
Assistant Director/Production Manager

Susannah, a self-proclaimed Freelance Filmmaker Extraordinaire/Starving Artist, was instantly addicted to the creative chaos that is feature filmmaking after walking onto her first “real” movie set a few days after graduating college. Ever since, she has been helping filmmakers’ ideas go from the script to the screen in various production roles with a smile, a bit of sarcasm, and can-do-girl-Friday attitude.

Susannah has worked on feature films in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and California with crews from all over the globe. Learning what to do and what not to do from big name veterans and up and coming rookies.

When not on set, Susannah can be found painting, writing, documenting, and dreaming in the sunny Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles that she calls home.

Aaron Thomle
Camera Operator/Gaffer

Ever since spending a good chunk of his childhood watching old war movies and reruns of detective shows instead of doing schoolwork, Aaron has had an interest in working with film.

After pursuing acting in High School and Community College, Aaron decided his future was behind the lens. He studied film at Eastern Washington University and graduated in 2003. For a few years after college he worked as a production assistant and editor for a small production company specializing in educational films dealing with natural disasters. Some of his work there was broadcast nationally on PBS.

Since then he has worked as a freelancer, usually as a camera operator, and has frequently collaborated with Kris and Lindy on a variety of corporate and narrative projects including their short film Collect All Four. He plans on writing and directing his own fiction and nonfiction films in the not so distant future.

Kit Boyer
Sound Recordist

A prior First Sight Productions collaborator, Kit Boyer returns to the fold to wield the boom pole once more.

A budding film maker in his own right, Kit has fulfilled most major production roles through the Film & Video program of Seattle Central Community College. While his ambitions lie in directing, he attacks every position with the same fervor and dedication. Kit is here to make film happen, no matter what.

Harmony J.K. Arnold
Harmony is an accomplished costume designer and stylist (hair, makeup, wardrobe) with over ten years of experience in stage, print, and now film. She is Assistant Professor of costume history and design at Seattle University where she manages the costume shop at the award winning Lee Center for the Arts. Harmony’s 30 plus production credits include one Off Broadway production, ten world premieres and ten West Coast premieres. 2008 Seattle-area production credits include: Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Boom, Hand2Mouth Theatre’s Project X: You Are Here, Onward Ho! Productions’ WAKE and Undine, which kicked off the 25th anniversary of the NW New Works Festival held by On the Boards.

Tim Vernor
Location Manager

Tim started working in film about a year in a half ago when a friend asked him to help out as a production assistant on a feature. He has gone on to work on four other films from the contacts he made on that shoot. He likes being a location manager because he can use the logistical skills he learned from running his own business to help the production run successfully. He also recently joined the staff of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival.

Brien Houston
2nd Assistant Director/Gaffer

Ever since he could comprehend the basics of stories, Brien has shown an interest in the ability to tell them. He is still young and new to the film world, but has always been drawn to the art of storytelling through motion pictures. He has been working in film for two years throughout the greater Seattle area. His recent work consists of being a production assistant on the shorts My Time with Betty and Your Lucky Day, as well as doing grip work on the feature film Vital Force.

Karl Gustavson

Before learning anything else about the craft of cinema, it was editing that first piqued his interest. At once miraculous and beguiling, the idea of finding the story of the footage, of exploring emotions through juxtaposition — essentially screenwriting, but with shots as the vocabulary instead of words — became his obsession.

Even in those, the earliest days of non-linear desktop editing, Karl could spend 15 hours in front of a timeline all the while thinking only two had passed — that’s when he knew he was perfectly suited for such a job.

While attending film school, Mathematics was his mistress. To some, his seemingly bi-polar academic passions were disjointed; to him, they were the perfect combination. For Karl, the arts and the sciences are like peanut butter and jelly; you can have them separately, but together they’re a sandwich.

Vickie Riley
Assistant Editor

Vickie started out in Photography when she bought her own camera at the age of 14. She majored in Photography in college and became fascinated with putting sound to picture; at the time, she had no idea what she really wanted was to edit. She went on to receive her masters degree in film/video from Columbia College in Chicago and got the editing bug there. After spending 3 years in Chicago’s post-houses working on everything from McDonalds Happy Meal commercials to documentaries for PBS she moved to Seattle. She had the wonderful opportunity working for the Seattle Channel for 6 years producing and directing award-winning documentaries ranging in topic from Title IX and Gender Equity in Sports to Seattle’s Deaf/Blind Community and The Vera Project which won her an Emmy nomination.

Christi O’Donnell

Christi O’Donnell is the founding owner of CAO Productions, an independent production company. She makes demo CD’s for singer/songwriters, produces full albums, composes original music, and offers audio engineering services.

Christi is in love with music and has been composing for 19 years. Her first experiment with recording was on her hot pink boom box at age 9. She eventually went to school to learn about audio engineering and midi.

Her main passion is writing music and is currently composing the music for this film. She loves the story line and immediately started composing for it. She works off of emotional themes and uses a variety of sounds and instruments to bring the emotions across. Christi is very excited to be working on this film and is excited for things to come!

Topher Farrell
Sound Designer/Mixer
Even as a child, Topher was fascinated by the concept of sound. With pacifier in mouth, Topher grabbed for headphones and records and pointed feverishly at the turntable. Luckily, he was surrounded by a loving and nurturing family, and his demands were almost always met.

As Topher grew older his love of music and sound took him to pursue higher education in the field of Audio Engineering at the Art Institute of Seattle, Washington. The collegiate environment afforded him the opportunity to participate and be educated in the process of Audio Production of music, field recording, sound replacement, absorption coefficients and sound for film. He recorded and produced albums for Seattle musical talent such as The Left Hand Army and has worked on several independent feature films and shorts.

Jeromy Smith

Jeromy is a freelance illustrator battling his way out of a mundane life in Eastern Washington.  Ever since he first picked up a pencil he has had a passion for anything creative.  Although pen and paint have always been the form of the creativity, the real drive has been in the telling of the story through the medium.  This led him to obtain an Associates in Video Production from the Art Institute of Phoenix.  Since returning home to Washington he has taken up writing and had a story published in Crossed Genres magazine.  He has also done freelance work for First Sight productions over the past two years, culminating in his work on Perfect 10.