Karie Gonia / Mara
Karie Gonia caught the acting bug early; age 11 to be exact. Her theater career began with stripping off layers of clothing in front of 200 students at an assembly. Luckily she followed her heart’s desire instead of becoming a stripper and continued performing in front of audiences everywhere. She toured with a teen acting ensemble, won a playwright competition, and performed in Community Theater — all before her 18th birthday.

Early in her career Karie performed Shakespeare in the park with GreenStage but it wasn’t until January 2007, when she met esteemed acting coach Colleen Patrick, that her life changed both professionally and personally. Colleen’s method to acting is vastly different from others. She has you learn about yourself first so you can get out of the way when it comes time to create your character; thus giving your character its own voice. The complex nature of actors is that we know the characters we play exist but the characters should have no idea that we as actors exist. Colleen has taught many actors to let go, be free, and allow our characters to have their own soul.

Equally successful on stage and screen, Karie has most recently been seen on screen in the lead roles of Kay in 4:44 and Mrs. Bordeaux in Film Haze. She is looking forward to taking this journey with Mara; one she hopes will inspire women everywhere towards greater self-acceptance and love!

Morgan Elizabeth / Libby
Morgan Elizabeth began acting in first grade, but it wasn’t until she took a mask course from Don Correll (who received his masters in acting from the University of Washington) that Morgan began to develop her craft. Through the use of a neutral mask that took away the ability to speak, Morgan learned how to internalize emotions and use her body to bring to life different characters.

In 2002, Morgan studied film at New York University. Continuing to study acting while pursuing her film degree, she spent her entire Sophomore year learning from Marketa Kimbrell. This is where Morgan was first exposed to the methods of Stanislavski and the various interpretations of his teachings. Another acting professor, Tish Hill, asked Morgan to join her acting group, which propelled her into a two year intensive journey that brought her craft to a whole new level.

Hill’s training was developed through various conversations with acting coach, director, and author Larry Moss. With a small, select group of dedicated actors, Hill’s Acting Group taught Morgan how to breakdown and analyze a script. Experimenting with exercises and meditations from all of the different styles taught her how to discover a character and bring them to life. The mentality of the group was not to follow any one process of acting, but to try different techniques so that each actor could discover what worked for them.

Morgan Elizabeth continues to impress directors and her fellow actors with her in-the-moment presence and dedication to her craft.

Aaron Heinzen / Danny
Aaron Heinzen performs around Seattle in both film and theatre. Acting highlights include Horatio in Hamlet, a disgruntled customer with a real dog in a backpack in PC Panic by Charles Waxberg, and Kenneth McAllister of the Irish play A Night in November, a one man show. His favorite part about acting is working with a group of people towards a common goal of storytelling. When he is not acting he loves reading books and getting outdoors in the forests and mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Gavin Sakae McLean / Topher
Gavin Sakae McLean is a 2008 graduate from Cornish College of the Arts and has been performing in such stage shows as the Seattle Shakespeare Touring Cast of Othello and Romeo and Juliet and in Backwards Ensemble Theater Company’s The Rez as I Saw It as the part of Bear. He has recently appeared in a film short for Oni Productions and another titled Checkstand for Two. Mclean is very excited for his feature film debut as Topher and one day hopes to be in more film and theater than Clint Eastwood.

Thomas J. Brown / Steve
For his entire life, Thomas has enjoyed entertaining others. His first real role was in a commercial for United Airlines, which he shot while in kindergarten in Honolulu, HI. In fifth grade, Thomas was cast as the main character – an alien from outer space – in a class production.

Thomas excelled in his high school drama class taught by Wayne Kischer, receiving high praise from Mr. Kischer and his fellow students alike. In an “intro to theatre” class in college, he directed a scene from Much Ado About Nothing, as well as played the role of Benedick. Although his degree is in the technical aspects of filmmaking, Thomas played many roles in his college classmates’ films and earned kudos from his teachers for his acting.

Lately, Thomas has been wanting to expand his acting career, which is what attracted him to Perfect 10. Thomas feels the character of Steve is a natural fit for him, and will be his first feature role.

Ernie Joseph / Rick
Growing up in a small town outside of St. Louis, MO, Ernie became accustomed to performing in front of large audiences at an early age. Primarily a singer and musician, he moved to Seattle via Philadelphia in October ’91 and embarked on a musical journey for the better part of the 90s.

In the spring of 2006, in an effort to overcome a fear, Ernie decided to take an acting class. Since that paltry beginning he’s continued to train and has acted in over 30 films, starring in more than half of them. He has also worked extensively in commercial and print and currently co-stars as Ben in the web-series Family.

Wonder Russell / Liz
Wonder Russell is a papillon-owning, boy-recycling Make Believer with credits ranging from backwoods church talent shows to feature films with fancy-pants marquee names. She lives on Seattle’s Capitol Hill and attends snobby rock shows when she’s not in a fabulous project like Perfect 10.

Recent feature film credits include The Choke, Mozart and the Whale and The Cutter.

Her on-stage education and passion for all things theatre also led to roles such as Thyona in Big Love, Catherine in Proof, Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the title character in Emerald and the Love Song of Dead Fishermen.

She also writes and sings songs about how great it is to be broken-hearted.

Brooke Bailey / Cindy
Brooke Bailey is an actor, director and educator in Spokane, Washington. As a performer, Brooke’s credits include London in the feature film The Choke, Elizabeth in the stage premier of Dusk, and multiple roles in All in the Timing. Recent directing credits include Museum, Antigone (Bertolt Brecht), Our Town, and Cootie Shots.

She works extensively in the field of community-based theatre and recently co-wrote and directed a production that addresses issues of police power in Spokane. Brooke has a master’s degree from New York University and is a member of the theatre faculty at Whitworth University.